Chocolate Merlot Cake

Chocolate Merlot Cake

Chocolate and merlot wine

Chocolate and Merlot wine; the perfect combination! Have you ever experienced the delicious combination of chocolate and Merlot wine? Our chocolate Merlot cake creates this delicious combination and puts it into the perfect dessert for anyone who loves Merlot wine and chocolate!

bowl of cherries

This delicious cake has the distinct aroma of merlot wine. In fact, when you open our chocolate Merlot cake from its packaging, the first thing you will notice is its wonderful notes of cherry, plum, and other dark fruits; similar to a delicious Merlot wine!



When combined with the aroma of chocolate, it really prepares your taste buds for an exhilarating experience! 



Infused vs Baked With; what's the difference?

Merlot Wine

You might be thinking " is there real merlot wine in this cake?". The answer is yes, and no. Our cakes are baked with alcohol in the batter, not infused with alcohol. The difference? Our cakes have no raw alcohol in them, so they can be enjoyed by everyone. The alcohol evaporates out during the baking process and you are left with the delicious flavor and aroma of Merlot and chocolate.

Our Chocolate Merlot cake makes a great gift! Gift Box
Did you know that our chocolate Merlot dessert cake is not only great for yourself to enjoy, but it makes a wonderful gift as well! In fact, these cakes have a wonderful shelf life at room temperature and they ship beautifully any time of year. 
Think of your family and friends that love Merlot wine and chocolate (there's probably many of them!).

Chocolate MerlotYou can order a chocolate Merlot liqueur dessert cake and we will ship it for free to any location in the USA! Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and for anytime at all, this cake is sure to please!
Liquor Cakes displayedOf course, if you'd like to try another flavor, we have 8 Liqueur Dessert cakes to choose from! Thanks for reading!
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