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November 18th, 2022
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December 13th, 2022
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December 7th 2022
Jane Parker named official fruitcake
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October 19, 2021
"I received an email a number of weeks back, asking if I would be interested in writing a follow-up blog about fruit cake...."
December 15, 2020
"My guests today are Christopher and Alexander Ronacher who are co-owners of Jane Parker Fruit Cakes. Together they will discuss the company and their family history of making fruitcake for the holidays."
Posted by Andres O'Hara December 14, 2020
Fruitcake has often been the butt of jokes, but it’s also been a beloved baked good for generations — and one of the most famous is Jane Parker Fruit Cake. We talk to the two brothers in New York City who saved this fruitcake from extinction. 
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. 18, 2020 
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Happy holidays! Here’s a rundown of six fruitcakes
This dark fruitcake was my overall winner...Made with molasses and brown sugar, this cake is a little earthier and, well, cakier than some of the others, and does a good job balancing the citrus flavors...

By RetailMeNot Editors October 2, 2020
9 Fruitcakes We’re Absolutely Nutty For
This iconic brand has been around since the 1930s and is beloved for high quality baked goods - most notably the Jane Parker fruitcake. We love the history behind these fruitcakes. Once available in over 16,000 A&P Supermarkets nationwide and in Canada, when A&P went bankrupt in 2015, brothers Chri and Alex Ronacher bought the exclusive rights to the original recipes for the popular fruitcakes.
By: A Coalcracker in the Kitchen October 12, 2020

Alex Ronacher, co-owner of Jane Parker along with his brother Chris, graciously offered to speak with me and share some history on the brand... I thank them for this opportunity to gain some “insider knowledge” and am happy to be able to share it with my readers here on A Coalcracker In The Kitchen’s blog.

By: Maria Carter | December 8, 2017

Jane Parker's 1930s-Recipe Fruit Cakes Are Back By Popular Demand

If Christmas were a flavor, this would be it....

Anyone raised in a small town during the middle of the last century likely remembers shopping at an A&P grocery store....


CATHERINE MURRAY For the State Journal Dec 6, 2017
Time to get serious about holidays
Believe it or not, it’s time to get serious about another holiday season approaching....Fruit cake will forever remain a seasonal treat for me since I was a youngster and discovered where Mother hid the Jane Parker fruit cake she brought home from....
The Return of Jane Parker
Steve Gordon | November 15, 2017
Chances are, not too many years back, there was an A&P store in your home town. A&P, also known as the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, was as well known and popular then as Walmart stores are today......
 Charlotte Observer Newspaper
Kathleen Purvis | October 26, 2017
This cult Christmas food is back . . . and here’s how you can get it
If you’re a Christmas lover of a certain generation, one name will make your eyes light up, and it ain’t “Santa Claus.” It’s Jane Parker. ...
 A&P’s Jane Parker Brand Returns for Christmas
Garland Pollard | October 1st, 2017
ASTORIA, QUEENS – After the bankruptcy of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, yearly customers of the company’s Jane Parker fruitcakes were left bereft of their favorite holiday treat. However, two Long Island food entrepreneurs, brothers Alex and Chris Ronacher, have revived the historic brand, which was nearly as famous as A&P’s house brand, Eight O’Clock Coffee...