In addition to our Classic Light Fruitcake, if you are looking for bourbon & rum, dark, or chocolate fruitcake, Jane Parker has it. We also have many other fine quality baked goods to choose from.

Jane Parker Fruitcake is proudly baked in the USA in America's Heartland. Our Fruitcakes are baked in small batches, using the original recipes. We take pride in baking and upholding Jane Parker's long time-honored tradition of baking delicious high quality fruitcake. That's because Jane Parker Fruit Cake is real, old-fashioned fruitcake, generously filled with more than 2/3 luscious fruits and nuts. Plump, juicy raisins, glazed pineapple, red cherries, and crunchy pecans are just some of the fine ingredients that make Jane Parker America's favorite fruit cake.

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