Customer Testimonials

We would like to thank all of our customers that have shared their personal experiences with our Premium Jane Parker Cakes. Since our re-launch of the Jane Parker Fruit Cake and Spanish Bar Cake, we have received so many email and phone testimonials about the quality and consistency of our Jane Parker products. It has been truly wonderful to hear all of the amazing stories you have associated with the Jane Parker Brand! We thought it would be nice to share some of these emails with you, our customers:
My Mom and Dad have been purchasing Jane Parker cakes since the days of A&P grocery stores. I am grateful that I could still send them something they love and will continue to send your products to my Mom. Thank you for your exemplary customer service. It is greatly appreciated!
Sarah P.
After reading some of your testimonials, I felt I had to add mine to them.  As far back as I can remember, my mother always had one of your fruitcakes for us at Christmas time. I never understood it when I would hear other people joke about how they hated fruitcakes. As long as we had an A&P store in our town, the Spanish Bar and your fruitcakes were always on our table on holidays. When the store shut down, she would travel an hour just to find one of your cakes.
A few years ago I found your website on-line and had one of the fruitcakes sent to my mother.  She was thrilled and kept asking me where I found it.  It had been a long time since she had had one and thought you had gone out of business.  I was so glad I got to buy her the fruitcake before she passed in 2017 at 95.  Now that she's gone, I try to buy one every Christmas for me and my son.  We are the only ones left, and my son is also a big fan of the cake.  
When I get a little extra money saved (I'm 74 and retired) I want to get one of your Spanish Bars.  My son has never tried one and I want him to experience that one too. These cakes bring back so many great memories. 
Thank you.
Sharon B.
Hi Friends - I just received my Spanish Bar Cakes and of course, I had to eat a piece. What a treat it was! It is the same Cake I loved years ago! It is absolutely delicious. Thank you for making the Spanish Bar Cake. Also, it was packed beautifully. You all are wonderful! --- Susan
Just received.  Spanish Bar tastes great.  Looking forward to Christmas fruit cakes.  --- David
In 1969 my husband worked for A&P in Chicago at age 16 for 12 years. We recently discovered that my Dad shopped at the same store during that time. Then we both talked about “that” fruitcake that A&P carried. We’re now in our mid-60’s and recently found your website and ordered your Jane Parker classic fruitcake! Oh my gosh, it is still so delicious. As we finished our cake and reminisced about the good old days we just wanted to say thank you for making the best fruitcake in the world!
Ellie, Chicago, IL
When I found out that Jane Parker was back in production, I bought 3 of the 72 oz. classic fruitcakes.  My dad who is 98 years old was so excited to have his favorite holiday treat back in production.  Thank you!!!
Just wanted to let you know I’m so glad this brand is back.  Always a part of our holidays and 2016 was sad without a Jane Parker fruitcake.  We have tried others and they do not compare.   My parents were thrilled with fruitcakes at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Thank you for letting us continue our tradition.  
My mother is 96, and has always made fruit cake.  This year my sisters and I used her recipe to make it.  While talking with her just yesterday she was speaking about the only other fruit cake she liked - A&P Fruitcake. I believe it was fortuitous that I found this today.  Her other favorite was the Spanish Bar Cake.  Will you be producing that also?
Thank you, it is my hope that this will add a little enjoyment to her while she is down.  Happy New Year!
Dear Jane Parker Fruit Cake family,
I would like to extend a personal word of appreciation to each of you for being part of this re-launch.
My Jane Parker Fruit Cake memories extend over many years. Throughout my childhood, my Nana and Papa always purchased a single cake each Christmas. It was a Christmas tradition that remain with me. 
In addition, my wife and I often joke about my Jane Parker fruit cake passion. I told her if she ever left me that I would find Jane Parker and marry her, given my passion for her cake. Needless to say, she continues to encourage me to follow this path which is always stated with a warm smile and chuckle.
So, again thank you for continuing this brand for next generation. Happy New Year! And, best wishes to each of you in the coming 2018.
Self-appointed Fruit Cake connoisseur
Hi guys!
     I had the great pleasure of speaking with one of you 2 gentlemen earlier today, just verifying an order I had placed. I related just how much this one particular item, Jane Parker fruit cake had meant to me and my family over my 66 years. A&P had pulled out of regional Pittsburgh decades ago, and I thought that was it for the fruit cake. After many years doing without it, I happened into a local Pittsburgh chain grocery about 10 years ago, and lo and behold, there was a display of  Jane Parker fruit cake. I became reacquainted with it and memories of my childhood Christmases flooded back. Then in 2013 I moved to suburban Tampa FL, and the elusive fruit cake was not available at stores there. I decided to "Google" it and found a link to was once again able to enjoy it 3 years in a row...2013-2015...then, no longer available as Jane Parker was no more. After having to settle for what is a good fruit cake in 2016, but inferior to Jane Parker, again lo and behold you guys brought it back!
     I hope that word gets out in a huge way that this product is once again available, and that reproducing it proves to be a financial boon for you. 
     I intend to be checking your web site for whatever products you make available under the Jane Parker brand. I hope it works out that the next item available will be the Spanish Bar cake, and on and on and on!!! I will try it all!
Thanks for the pleasure and wonderful Christmas memories that have been restored to me just anticipating the arrival of my cake!
Great happiness and joy and prosperity in the New Year!
JP fruitcake arrived.  Delighted that you are selling these now.  Service was exceptional.  Thank you!
I received my fruitcake today.  It is very good.  Thank you.
I was raised with my Dad and Mom going to the A&P. Dad would bring home something from Jane Parker.   But at this time of year there was always her Fruitcake....   In 2015 I thought I lost that Fruitcake for ever. But you have brought it back to me.  You made a 69 year old man very happy!!!!!   I had a piece this morning with my coffee.  I still have a smile on my face.  In those 2 years without that Fruitcake I tried others but none came close. 
Thank you for remaking this!!!
My dad was born in 1937. He loves these. He talked about them and I wanted to get him one for Christmas. I'm so happy to get one. Will these only be available during Christmas? Reason I ask is if so I want to buy more. And can you freeze them? To eat later?
Thank you
I am so happy to find that Jane Parker Fruit Cakes are back! Just ordered one for my 95 year old mother & two for me. My parents were the one's who turned me on to them as I was growing up. When A & P closed in Louisville, KY no more fruit cakes. Found them in NY and had my cousin who had A & P in her town send some to me. 
Thank You
Richard, Louisvile, KY
The fruitcake is wonderful and it brought back great memories.  In the mid 1930’s, my dad worked for Dutch Oven Bakery in Atlanta.  I believe they made a fruitcake and it was sold in the metal pan.  My mother had two of those tube pans and they were used exclusively for fruitcakes each Christmas.  Don’t know why…they were just fruitcake pans.
Thanks for the cake and the memories!
Mary, Calhoun, GA
Cake arrived.... WONDERFUL!!! and positive memories !!! Blessings and look forward to next purchase 
Bless Your Heart - Ed
I was happy to get a Jane Parker light cake from my brother. I didn't think I would ever see one again. I am delighted to see Jane Parker cake is back. It is my favorite holiday treat. I cake tastes great and just as I remembered. If you haven't tried a Jane Parker you are missing out. 
Ron , Ohio
my fruitcake came today and I will get into it later....I KNOW it will be awesome!!!! 
Thank you so much
Most of all. Thanks to all of you with the dedication to build the 2017 fruitcake. The only year I have missed are when they were not made. My dad worked at a&p in the 50's. 
We never missed one at Christmas. Just as important as the tree for me.
I would like to offer my opinion on the flavor if anyone is interested in what an age 54 non smoker Jane Parker expert thought on this one.
Again thanks to you all. You have made Christmas whole for us.
With highest regards
I just read an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about your 
company. I do not dare have a LARGE cake in my house as I will eat 
myself silly! Any chance that you will bake more 16 oz cakes this 
season? I talk about Jane Parker fruitcakes every Christmas - when I was 
growing up, our house had one as long as they were on the A&P shelves.
SO VERY PLEASED that these wonderful fruitcakes are available again.  I used to buy them every year and was so disappointed when they were not going to be available anymore. 
The last one I was able to purchase I cut into six pieces and froze them.  I just ate the last piece and decided to check the internet, just in case. WOW!!!  Anyway - I ordered 6 cakes  - most to freeze - but one to enjoy this Christmas season.  Do you plan to continue to have these or should I buy a bunch to stock up and freeze?  By the way - How long will they be good in the freezer?  I am 65 so I have (at least I hope I have!) 20 more Christmases yet to live.  Should I buy 14 more?  Thanks again for bringing this WONDERFUL fruitcake back.
Just received my dark fruitcake and it took me back to when as a kid growing up on the south side of Chicago, we would have A & P dark fruitcake.  Tastes just like it did then.  I found this cake on line by accident and hope lots of others find it too.  It's a wonderful treat and in time for Christmas. Thank you.
Dear Sirs:
Just wanted to say how glad we are that you are bringing back Jane Parker.  I ordered a light and dark cake to try and liked them both. It is nice to have fruitcake that is not deserving of a joke to it's quality. My husband especially liked the light fruitcake.
Thank You
Thank you for your quick response.... Jane Parker fruitcakes have been a Christmas tradition in my and my husbands families for over 60 years!  I have not been able to purchase any for the last 3-4 years, so this is going to be a big surprise for my husband on Christmas...
Taste is spot on guys, just like the original.  Cake is wrapped a little differently if I remember correctly, but the first bite confirmed mouth feel, consistency and taste true to the A&P brand.  Any timing on the Spanish Bar availability?
I can't tell you how happy I was to learn that the Jane Parker Fruit cakes were available again. I grew up in New York on Long Island and my father worked for the A&P starting back in the 1930's and worked his was up to Vice President and division head of both the Brooklyn office and the Paterson, NJ office until his retirement.  Obviously, growing up we all enjoyed all the A&P brands, but one of my favorites was the dark Jane Parker Fruit Cake.  At one point it was being baked in Louisiana and I used to order it from there, but the facility was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  I was then able to order it from somewhere up around Illinois, can't remember which state, but they stopped baking there too.  I was so delighted when I read in our local newspaper, Florida Today, that I could again purchase it to enjoy.
I want to offer my thanks for bringing back this childhood favorite and wish you every succes with your enterprise.
Merry Christmas!
Melbourne, FL  32935
Hi, I just wanted to send my great thanks to Alex and Chris for rescuing the Jane Parker Fruit Cake from corporate death! "Aunt Jane" has been a tradition in my family for over 70 years, since my grandparents moved from the U.P. of Michigan to Detroit, just before WWII (Grandpa worked at the Chrysler Tank Plant). Although poor, our family made and stuck to its traditions--especially Jane Parker from A&P! So it's great to have this return to the market. Thank you!
Thank you, thank you for bringing back so many nice memories of my past Christmas fruitcakes with my parents! I remember each year shopping with my mom and buying the fruitcake for our Christmas Eve celebration.  Absolutely delicious!!
To Whom it may concern,
I am a former A&P employee, and love the fact you have brought this product and business back to life. I've just placed my first order on your site.... I'd like to see this site thrive for years to come.
John Rumore
Hello (Jane Parker),
Thrilled to see the JP fruitcakes available again.  I’ve looked forward to these since I was a child (59 years) and was so disappointed when the last A&P’s closed here in CT.  While good, other fruitcakes just are not the same.  Always bought several as my mom in Pittsburgh didn’t have A&P stores for many years and loved the fruitcake as well at Christmas time.  Received 2 48 oz. light rings today.  Can’t wait to try, as I know one bite will send me back to the 1960’s in Pittsburgh.  Thanks for not letting this important tradition die.
Best regards,
Cake was delicious just like the old days. Thanks
- Robert