Fruitcake; It’s More Than Just a Christmas Treat

For many people, fruitcake is associated strictly with the Christmas season. For some Americans, eating fruitcake after the holiday season would be similar to having a Christmas tree in their living room in the middle of July.

Christmas in July

Well Jane Parker Baked Goods would like to change that perspective! Did you know in many places around the world, fruitcake is enjoyed throughout the entire year? Here is a list of some of the places that fruitcake is eaten from January to December, and not just December to January:



Australia – G’day mate from the land down under! That’s right, the country that is so big, it takes up an entire continent enjoys fruitcake all year long. Not only did Paul Hogan (aka Mick Dundee) show us what a real knife looks like (for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Crocodile Dundee), Australia literally takes the cake – pun intended – in fruitcake consumption. Aussies enjoy fruitcake in the morning with tea or coffee, much like we would enjoy a danish or croissant. Additionally, Australians sometimes enjoy fruitcake with icing on it too. I found this beautiful picture on  of an iced fruitcake, along with a recipe:

Australian Fruitcake with icing

Photo from

 Allahabadi cake from The Daily Meal

India – Like many countries that were influenced by England, India is home to several versions of fruitcake, and it is enjoyed throughout the year. I was able to find two specific types of fruitcake available in India. Allahabadi cake, is baked with a special flour called maida - white flour from the Indian subcontinent, made from wheat. Finely milled without any bran, then refined and bleached, it closely resembles cake flour. Eggs, clarified butter, sugar, petha (a translucent soft candy), marmalade, nuts, ginger and fennel are the main ingredients. This cake is baked with dry fruits and nuts that are soaked in rum.

Another Indian style fruitcake, known as Kerala Plum cake is a delicious combination of cake and fruits soaked in rum until plump and juicy. In fact, many people soak their fruits for several days in rum prior to baking.  (Kerala Plum Cake Picture from

New Zealand Kiwi Bird
Photo of the Kiwi Bird

New Zealand –  “Kiwis” as New Zealanders are called, enjoy fruitcake throughout the year. While many Kiwis bake their own fruitcakes, there are also many commercially baked cakes available. It seems that New Zealanders enjoy light fruitcakes, and they are called "tennis cakes" or "light fruitcake". Mixed dried fruits, lemon zest, and vanilla essence seem to be some of the main ingredients in this cake. Some are also iced with a sugar icing, like in this photo.

New Zealand Fruitcake
Photo from

United Kingdom – Our list of fruitcake loving countries wouldn’t be complete without mentioning England! In the United Kingdom, traditional fruitcakes come covered in a layer of marzipan - which is a sweet candy made out of almond paste. It is then covered in a layer of fondant icing. Fruitcakes are also elaborately decorated with holiday theme scenes during Christmastime, as seen in the photo below.  

Currants, golden raisins, raisins, mixed candied peel, and finely chopped glace (candied) cherries, seem to be some of the main ingredients of this traditional English delight. Another interesting fact – a traditional English wedding cake is fruitcake! In certain areas of England, fruitcake is even served with cheese. (Picture from Wikipedia)

United States? – While fruitcake is traditionally thought of as a Christmas treat in the USA, there are many people that enjoy the taste of a delicious slice of fruitcake all year long. In fact at Jane Parker, in addition to our busy holiday season, we bake our fruitcakes in small batches throughout the year. 

Our Classic Light fruitcakes are freshly baked, in stock, and ready to ship. 

Jane Parker Classic 3 pound Ring





Dark Fruitcakes and Chocolate Fruitcakes are also in  stock and ready to ship. These fruitcakes make great gifts for anyone who loves fruitcake all year round.



Jane Parker 3 Pound Dark Fruitcake






                                                            Jane Parker Chocolate 1 Pound Fruitcake 

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We have also combined gourmet chocolate and our classic fruitcake slices to create our newest fruitcake chocolate covered fruitcake slices! These are hand dipped in the finest milk, white, and dark chocolates, making them the perfect gift for the chocolate lover of any type!

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