The best fruitcake you can buy - Jane Parker

What is the best fruitcake you can buy?

There are several factors that you should consider when looking for the best fruitcake to you can buy for a gift or for yourself:


1: Quality ingredients - Look for a fruitcake with high quality ingredients. A good fruitcake will contain lots of fruits and nuts in comparison to other ingredients. Jane Parker fruitcakes are loaded with cherries, pineapple, raisins, and pecans.


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2: Lots of positive reviews - The best fruitcake you can buy should have lots of happy customers, and along with them lots of positive reviews! We receive so many customer testimonials that we created a page for it. We also have tons of positive reviews on third party marketplaces like Amazon,, Etsy, and Ebay.



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3: A long history and a tried and true recipe - While this isn't necessary to be the best fruitcake you can buy, it certainly doesn't hurt to have an original recipe dating back 80+ years! That's right, our Classic Fruitcake Recipe is the original fruitcake recipe once produced in over 16,000 A&P Supermarkets! When we purchased the Jane Parker brand, we made sure to use the original fruitcake recipe; our customers expect and deserve the best!



4: Positive independent reviews - In December of 2020, we were excited to see the LA Times reviewed our Jane Parker Dark fruitcakes. We were excited to be named the food critics "overall winner".

So, what is the best fruitcake you can buy? Yes, we are biased, but we believe there are plenty of reasons that Jane Parker fruitcake is the best fruitcake you can buy!