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Jane Parker

Dark Chocolate Covered Fruitcake Slices

Dark Chocolate Covered Fruitcake Slices

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Our Original Classic Recipe Jane Parker Fruitcake enrobed in delicious dark chocolate. Each one of our classic fruitcake slices is hand dipped and enrobed in the most decadent, 100% dark chocolate. Once dipped, our enrobed slices are then hand decorated and drizzled with more dark chocolate, to add an additional level of individualized beauty to each slice. Each dark chocolate enrobed fruitcake slice is individually wrapped to ensure the freshest, best tasting chocolate covered fruitcake slice imaginable! Each rectangular slice is approximately 2 inches in length. Comes in an elegant gold box. These chocolate covered fruitcake slices make the perfect gift for birthday's, anniversaries, and holidays. Makes any special occasion even better. Makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the great combination of decadent dark chocolate and fruit and nuts. 12 individually wrapped slices per order.

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