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Jane Parker

Lemon Drop Liqueur Dessert Cake

Lemon Drop Liqueur Dessert Cake

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Sometime in the 1970's in a bar in San Francisco, the delicious Lemon Drop drink was created. The lemony sweet and sour flavor of the Lemon Drop combined with a moist yellow cake makes for the perfect combination! This cake begins as a moist and decadent yellow cake. The perfect balance of sweet and sour mix and a splash of vodka are added to create the perfect mouth puckering Jane Parker Lemon Drop Liqueur dessert cake. Perfect for an after dinner dessert, and goes great with a cup of coffee or your favorite adult beverage. No need to go through the trouble of baking your own cake when friends and family come to visit, the Jane Parker Lemon Drop Liqueur dessert cake is ready to eat; all the pleasure, none of the work!  This cake is sure to be a huge hit at any party, family gathering, or holiday. Great to share with a few friends, and serves approximately eight 1.75 Ounce servings.

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