Liqueur vs Liquor: What’s the difference when baking?

Liqueur vs Liquor: What’s the difference when baking?


Since the launch of our popular Liqueur Dessert cakes, many people have asked us this question: “What’s the difference between liquor and liqueur, and how does it differ when baking?” After doing some research, here’s what I was able to find:

 Liqueur is any alcohol that contains a higher percentage of sugar, making it sweeter than liquor. Examples of popular liqueurs include Amaretto, Baileys Irish Cream, Campari, Cointreau, Frangelico, St-Germain, and Sambuca.

Liquor, on the other hand is alcohol that has a low sugar content. Common liquors include Vodka, Whisky, Bourbon, Tequila, and Gin.


So, how much sugar makes something liqueur? According to what I was able to find through some research online, alcohols with a sugar content of greater than 35% are considered liqueurs, and those with less than 35% sugar content are considered liquor.

How does using liqueur or liquor make a difference when baking? As you might imagine, higher sugar contents in liqueur will provide a sweeter finished baked product than using liquor. As the alcohol evaporates during the baking process, you will be left with the sweeter taste of the liqueur because of this higher sugar content.

Did you know that our Jane Parker Liqueur Dessert cakes come in 8 unique flavors? Amaretto, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Chocolate Rum, Key Lime, Cahlua Cafe, Lemon Drop, and Chocolate Merlot.



janeparkerThese delicious cakes are super moist, have a magnificent aroma of the liqueur that is used to bake them, and make a great dessert for a special occasion or any time at all.



We find the best way to enjoy our liqueur dessert cakes is just like you’d enjoy a glass of brandy or wine; open it, smell it, enjoy the aroma, and take a bite! Although our cakes are baked with alcohol, remember there is no raw alcohol present in our cakes once they are baked, so you can enjoy these cakes with anyone of any age. Of course, if you prefer (like many people do) you can enjoy your slice of liqueur dessert cake with your favorite adult beverage too!

If you are interested in Jane Parker cakes that contain liquor, remember we offer our Bourbon & Rum fruitcakes. These delicious cakes are the original Jane parker Classic Fruitcake recipe baked with bourbon and rum. These cakes also contain no raw alcohol once baked, but have the distinct aroma and flavor or our traditional classic fruitcake with a hint of bourbon and rum…delicious!


 We hope you enjoyed reading!
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