Holiday charcuterie board ideas; How about fruitcake?

Holiday charcuterie board ideas; How about fruitcake?

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If you ever wondered what you can put on your holiday charcuterie board, you are not alone. Many people want to create a charcuterie board to entertain their family and friends, but are unsure where to start. Well, Jane Parker has a great idea, and we're not alone! We know exactly what every charcuterie board could use...FRUITCAKE!!!

When you think of fruitcake and its ingredients, it makes perfect sense to add this delectable delight to your charcuterie board. In fact, we contacted a well known and respected sommelier, Jim Newcomb, whose wine blog has been ranked best wine blog in (2014,2015,2016, 2018,2019,2020!). Jim is a certified sommelier and runs The Sommelier Update, and judging by how many times his blog has been ranked best, it's fair to say he knows what he's talking about! 

When we reached out to Jim in October, he was delighted to talk to us about pairing fruitcake with different wines. In fact we originally learned about The Sommelier Update from an article posted in 2013 which mentioned pairing fruitcake with different wines. We sent Mr. Newcomb a few samples of our fruitcakes and he was kind enough to write a very detailed and thorough article about the best way to pair fruitcake with wine. It just so happens that in addition to helping us understand the wine pairings, Jim also added our fruitcake slices to his charcuterie board he created to share with friends. Turns out, it went really well with a variety of items!

Here is a detailed photo of what was on Jim's charcuterie board

Check out our Jane Parker


Check out our Jane Parker

According to Jim, the fruitcake slices we provided worked best with other items that incorporated saltiness to balance the sweetness of the fruitcake. Iberico ham worked well.



Check out our Jane Parker

In addition the saltiness of Wensleydale cheese worked to balance the sweetness of the fruitcake. 



To his surprise and to the surprise of his guests the fruit cake paired very well with the sweet sopressata.



Check out our Jane Parker

Probably the best pairing of the night was fruit cake with Ridder cheese and German Riesling (everything just came together on this one according to Jim).



A tomato and basil pate would have worked better, had there been a bit more salt in the pate, however adding some finishing salt to the pate would have enhanced this combination.




Check out our Jane Parker

The Iberico ham worked perfectly with the fruit cake, and even better when a slight spread of mascarpone cheese was added.



Jim and his friends had also discussed how fruitcake on your charcuterie board is not only for the holidays. In fact, combinations such as toasted fruitcake with cream cheese, deep fried fruitcake, and even using fruitcake incorporated into your homemade stuffing by cutting it into chunks to
be added to a dish of Pork or Duck would work marvelously.

At Jane Parker, we have 4 varieties of our fruitcake that are pre-sliced in individually wrapped pouches, so if you want to try all of our delicious flavors, you can order them pre-sliced. All you have to do is open them up and place them on your charcuterie board! You can purchase your individual fruitcake slices here, or if you prefer the full cakes to be cut into the sizes you'd like you can order them here:

Until next time fruitcake lovers!

 We hope you enjoyed reading!
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Thanks for following up Jim! We had so much fun learning from your experience and skill on how to properly pair our fruitcakes! We often speak of you at trade shows and fairs that we do to help our customers better understand how to pair fruitcake with wines. It’s fun and exciting when a customer calls or returns to the fair to tell us how much they liked the pairings!


I enjoyed reading your follow up to our pairing experiment. We really had a lot of fun finding what worked, and which beverages also worked with your wonderful fruitcakes.

Jim Newcomb

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